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200-Hour Course

Posted on November 22nd, 2015 in Classes by Karen

Yoga From the Inside Out


Increase self-knowledge, acceptance and love through "embodied-inquiry": asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophical study.

Our Embodyoga® -inspired programs are well-rounded, in-depth studies of yoga with an emphasis on personal embodiment as the basis for becoming a yoga teacher.

Discover "whole–body–support" templates for strong, comfortable, injury free asana practice.

Learn to weave postures, breath and movement into progressive depths of experience.

Discover the grace and wisdom of the body-mind-spirit in movement and in stillness.

Develop a depth and beauty in your yoga practice that remains constant when you step off the mat.

Learn to share this experience with others through teaching.


Karen Miscall-Bannon brings 33 years of practice and over 14 years of teaching and training teachers to this incredible program of study. She worked with Patty Townsend, the owner and creator of Embodyoga® for 13 years in Amherst, MA studying, teaching, and teaching in Embodyoga® teacher trainings. She brings a strong tradition of Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa to her teacher trainings, as well as extensive study of anatomy from her over 15 years as a bodyworker and educator. Karen is a passionate student of yoga and yoga philosophy, and enthusiastically shares her love of the practices with her students in an easily –accessible way!






Bandhas and diaphragms

Blueprint for Optimal Movement 1: Cellular Breathing – Navel Radiation 

Developmental Patterns in Movement

Principle of a Quiet Spine

Discriminating Core & Periphery – Finding Union

Standing Postures 1– Our Foundation: Pelvis, Legs & Feet

Surya Namaskar: Sun Salutations & Vinyasa

Skeletal Structure

Ease in the Ilio–psoas Complex

Yield and Push of the Legs

Inversions 1: Shoulderstand & Handstand

Pranayama 1: Ujjayi

Yoga Nidra: Tantric Technique for Deep Rest

History and Practice of Yoga Philosophy




Standing Postures 2 – Dynamics & Alignment, Integrating Upper & Lower Body

Ribs, Shoulder Girdle, Arms and Hands: Alignment & Integrated Movement

Yield and Push of the Arms

Lower Back Fundamentals: Sacroiliac & Lumbar Health

Standing and Supine Forward Bends

Lungs & Breathing Diaphragm

Embodying Organs 

Breath in Asana Practice

History and Practice of Yoga Philosophy

Cultivating a Rewarding Personal Practice

Using mantra and mudra to deepen your practice





Principles of Backbend 1: Organ & Glandular Support

Arm Balances 1

Twists and Hip Openers 1

Inversions 2: Headstand and Shoulderstand Cycle

Sequencing and assisting

Pranayama 2: Viloma, Prana Vayus

The Kosas: Spiralic Sheaths of Awareness

Integrating the Systems of Yoga -Yoga Philosophy and Practice





Blueprint for Optimal Movement 2: Spinal Patterns

Integrated Whole Body Movement in Yoga Practice

Precision Vinyasa — Flow and Hold

Sequencing and Assisting continued

Balancing Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

Backbends 2

Twists, Hips and Arm Balances 2

Pranayama 3: Nadi Shodhana and Kumbhaka

Restorative Yoga

Chakras, Nadis and Kundalini

Yoga Philosophy, History, and Practice




Principles of Observation, Instruction, Demonstration & Touch

Art and Science of Sequencing

Planning and Teaching Classes

Principles of Teaching

Philosophy and Ethics of Teaching

Teaching as a Profession


Course details: 


A $300 deposit will save your place in the 200- hour program, which will be applied to the final module.

The cost for the 200 Hour Teacher Training program (4 Modules) is $3060 --or: 

$2850 (paid in full by the start of the program) 

$765 per module (deposit is applied to module 4) 


Payment in full is due one month prior to the start of the first Modul for the discounted price. 


We do ask that it be your intention to take the course in its entirety. However, it is possible to pay module by module. Payment in full is due 1 month prior to the start of the module. 



 Deposits are nonrefundable after your acceptance in the course has been confirmed. 

 No other refunds will be given after the start of the course. 



 Homework includes up to 2 hours of reading for each weekend, home practice and an occasional short written report. 



Attendance in, or observation of, a total of 8 additional classes taught by course leader or other 500 hour registered Embodyoga® Teachers is required for graduation. 


You are allowed to miss one weekend of the training without having to make it up. Any other absences will need to be made up privately with Karen.